Press Coverage

Media Relations

We develop compelling campaigns, tailored to each client's specific needs to have your message not only heard through multiple media channels, but to influence and engage the public.

Business Handshake

Strategic Communications

Our team will help you establish a consistent and unified narrative both internally and externally, ensuring your messages reach the right audience at the right time.


Crisis Communication

Protect your company's reputation with a crisis communication plan. We can help you develop a plan before a crisis occurs, communicate the right message during a crisis and rebuild your reputation after a crisis happens. 



Social Responsibility

Social responsibility has become increasingly important for consumers. At VMPR we work with our clients to identify community partners and sponsorship opportunities, establish internal giving and volunteer programs

and create cause marketing

campaigns to build your reputation and your brand. 

Clapping Audience

Stakeholder Engagement

Improve decision making, reduce cost and increase accountability by discovering what matters most to your key stakeholders. We work alongside our clients to engage stakeholders and discover what's important to them, how much influence they have, analyze the priority of any issues and develop a strategic solution to gain their support.


Reputation Management

Your online reputation is paramount to your company's success. With our online reputation management services we can track and manage your online activity including reviews, listings, and social media making expert recommendations, and providing you proof-of-performance.

Social Gathering

Special Events

Creating a special event is necessary for companies who want to showcase their brand and communicate with clients and potential clients. We provide seamless support through all stages of your event planning, from creation to execution to ensure your special event is a success!