The Ultimate Guide to Reaching Gen Z

Generation Z represents more than a quarter of the US population, with $44 billion in purchasing power. Experts say that this generation is a powerful consumer force in the market, so it is essential that this group is part of your business’s target market.

As a generation born after 1995, the influence of technology and the Internet has helped diversify this age group more than any other.

Substantial diversity makes target marketing more difficult, but every generation introduces new challenges. Being a business that learns to adapt to consumer behavior is a key indicator of success. Follow these 5 marketing tips to ensure that your brand is reaching Gen Z:

Be a Socially Responsible Brand

To understand their consumer behavior, businesses need to realize how socially conscious this generation is. According to a Google study, Gen Z wants the brands they support to be a representation of themselves and their values. This means that your brand has to show awareness and speak up on any relevant social issues. To do this, your brand can join a hashtag campaign for a social movement or post resources to aid a certain cause. Just make sure your actions are sincere and represent who your brand is, otherwise you may face backlash. Small actions can go a long way for Gen Z.

Your Brand Must Be Mobile Friendly

75% of Gen Z uses mobile/ smartphone as their primary device, which means they are viewing your brand through their phones. This highlights the importance of designing a mobile-compatible website-- having too much information in a clustered manner can turn consumers away. Your website must implement an intuitive and organized layout that makes all the necessary information easily digestible for young users.

Personalize All Communication Surrounding Your Brand

Gen Z appreciates brands that are charming and approachable. This distinct brand persona can be created through the content your business posts across all social media platforms. Keep a consistent brand tone when creating content, captions, and even responses. In a personable and timely manner, ensure that your brand engages with customers by replying to comments, concerns, and questions. Interactive and conversational brands will easily gain the loyalty of Gen Z consumers.

Create Content That is Eye-Catching and Unique

Gen Z has an average attention span of only 8 seconds, which means time is money! You must be able to create content that not only catches one’s attention, but holds it as well. Focus on creating visual content that can be published in quick forms, such as videos or social media stories. Utilize eye-catching visuals and interactive elements such as polls and Q&A’s to ensure your content is compelling to this specific audience.

Understand Gen Z’s Relationship With Each Social Media Platform

With the various social media platforms now available, it is important to be well versed on how your audience consumes media from each one. Primarily, Gen Z utilizes Facebook as an information hub and a way to connect with their social network. Twitter is used to keep up with news, while Instagram is a visual platform to show their life in pictures. Using this guide, your brand must tailor content to its respective platform to be effective.

Reach Gen Z Authentically

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