Stay Connected With Your Customers During COVID-19

These 4 helpful tips will ensure customer retention:

1) Let your clients know what your business is doing

Let your clients know by social media or email to assure them that are you are prioritizing their safety and doing everything you can to bring your business to their fingertips. Share how you might've increased hygiene protocols and protected your employees due to COVID-19.

2) Increase Your Social Media Presence

Your clients are already on social media especially now more than ever. The stresses of COVID-19 can be very negative; use this time to spread positivity to alleviate some of your clients' panic. Increase your posting frequency to ensure you appear in their newsfeed.

3) Offer Online Deals

Remind your clients that your services are still available to them during this time. Offer a coupon, discount, or sale to encourage your clients to purchase your product or service from home.

4) Focus On Serving Your Customers Through Digital Channels

Ensure your clients can reach you — from the convenience of their home. Get personal on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other messaging platforms. Use this time to engage and support your clients!

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