Improve Your Local Search Rankings using Data Aggregators

Looking for a way to increase your organization’s online visibility? You can do this by improving your local search rankings. Local search is a big deal, especially for small businesses. Consumers heavily rely on the internet to find local services near them. If you’re not investing time and energy into making sure your business can accurately be found online, then you will struggle to keep your business thriving.

According to Google, “4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find products, services or experiences nearby.” The best way to increase your local search rankings starts primarily with data aggregators.

What are data aggregators and why are they so important?

Data aggregators are the top dogs that control the space in the local search ecosystem. They provide information to major search engine sites that gather data from massive databases like yellow page directories, phone directories, utility records, and other online information providers. The four major data aggregators are Infogroup, Acxiom, Localeze, and Factual.

Make sure your business’s data is accurate with these aggregators. Having incorrect data there could mean your business’s information is wrong or inconsistent on major listing sites and directories, which negatively affects your SEO. Inconsistent information online also means consumers may not trust or want to do business with your organization either. 73% of consumers lose trust in brands due to inaccurate local business listings.

The influence data aggregators have over the various reputable sources that exist online is major! They automatically input data into those sources for businesses, rather than businesses manually doing it themselves for every relevant site on the entire web. Make sure your business generates as much information as possible for aggregators to collect and display. This is the key to ranking higher, creating citations.

Importance of Citation Building

The information aggregators collect from businesses are used to create citations for major search engines to display to consumers who are searching the web. Citations consist of an organization’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) in order to see their correct information displayed across the web.

Structured & Unstructured Citations

There are two types of citations you want to have online, structured and unstructured. Structured citations can be found on business listing sites like Yellowpages, Yelp or TripAdvisor. These listings will contain the organization’s NAP, unlike unstructured citations. Unstructured citations can be anything online mentioned about your organization, like the following:

  • Random Websites

  • Blogs

  • Event Listings

  • Job Posting Sites

  • Government Records

  • Social Media

These are unstructured because they are simple pieces of information displayed around sites on the internet and typically don’t always include the business NAP.

Citations and Ranking

The more a business is mentioned online, the higher you will rank on search engines because of the big influence citations have on local search rankings. Not only does citation building help you rank higher, but other factors like online reviews, mobile compatibility, domain authority and keyword density also affect how high you rank on local search.

Does Your Site Need Help?

Contact us today for assistance in getting your site to rank higher on local search. Not only will we be able to increase your find-ability to your local target audiences online, we’ll also use other known strategies within SEO that will generate you more leads and overall sale conversions!

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