How to Thrive in Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing is the most effective marketing channel to use today? It’s more effective than any other platform out there. This means it’s a smart move to utilize email marketing for your business. To do so, you need to make sure you keep the following steps in mind to take your email marketing efforts to the next level!

Acquire & Retain an Engaged Email List

To build up your email list, a great place to start is by asking your website visitors to subscribe using a pop-up banner or providing a form for them to fill out. You can also acquire emails from customers when they buy products or services from you, and by asking your social media followers to sign-up to receive news, updates and more from your business.

When asking for emails from prospective customers, offer an incentive. An incentive can include an instant special offer, future discounts, a free download such as a whitepaper or case study, a sample template, and more. Whatever the offer may be, make sure the purpose is clear and the offer is sent directly after they subscribe for it.

Keep your subscribers retained, engaged and personalize their experience with your brand by providing them with options on the types of emails they would like to receive, as well as the frequency. Once you've created your email list, keep it up-to-date by removing inactive-users and bad email addresses to keep your bounce rates low. If you are sending emails to several inactive users, your emails could be sent to spam, thus reducing your visibility.

Create Valuable Content in Your Emails

Now that you’ve developed a good email list through an effective call-to-action strategy, be sure to provide your subscribers with great, valuable content.

Start out by giving your new subscribers a warm welcome message, thanking them for subscribing. Let them know what they can expect from you now that they’re subscribed.

Create enticing subject lines that are short and attention-grabbing. You want to create a subject line that will pique interest, but leaves a bit of mystery, as this will increase your open rates. Be careful not to use clickbait messages as your subject line! This can harm your relationship with your subscribers. Always make sure the subject line correlates with the content written in the email.

It's important to keep your content fresh, rich in value, and relevant to your audience and brand. Consider the following when generating high value content:

  • Pain points your customers have - what questions might they be asking, what are their needs/problems and what solutions can you offer

  • Buyers journey - consider the different stages of the buyers journey and craft content that is different for your potential customers vs your existing customers

  • Dive deep - go into detail when writing your content, general information and high level overviews often don't provide the value your reader is looking for

  • Easy on the eyes - too much text can lose your reader, use lists, bullets and visual graphics to better tell your story

  • Not everyone is a reader - consider dropping in a video or podcast into your email

  • Get personal - most customers care who they are doing business with and want to know more about your leadership, staff and brand

  • Community centric - let your audience know you're connected to the local community and care about people not just profits

You're building a relationship with your audience through your email communications so pay attention to what their interests are when you're developing your content.

Take the Extra Time to Segment Your Subscribers & Pay Attention to Your Analytics

Segmenting your email list is a great way to make sure you’re appealing to the different audiences in your list. There are several ways to segment your list. Here are a few popular ways you can consider:

  • Leads vs existing customers - including amount spent

  • Demographics including age, location, gender, language, etc.

  • Email engagement level - active subscribers vs inactive subscribers

  • Industry type - for B2B and B2C businesses

To improve your engagement rate, send specific follow-up emails to unengaged subscribers asking for feedback and what type of content they would like to receive. You could also send product updates and promotional offers to customers who've purchased from you previously. Although this step can be time-consuming, the benefits are worth it.

Tracking the analytics for your email marketing is a very important step in your marketing strategy. Your data tells a story and monitoring your analytics allows you to determine what efforts are working well and what needs improvement.

Overall, make sure you're continuously building out your email list, creating engaging content and reaching the right audience. Successful email marketing will allow you to build a relationship with those subscribed and ultimately will increase the sales of your products and services. By implementing these strategies successfully, you will thrive in email marketing.

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