5 Nonprofit Marketing Trends in 2021 & Beyond

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Nonprofits often face marketing challenges because of their limited time and resources. Yet, in today's digital world it's more important than ever for nonprofits to have ongoing marketing efforts, so they can not only survive, but thrive. Implementing these 5 simple trends will help your nonprofit make it through 2021 and beyond.

1. Understanding Generation Z’s impact on nonprofits

Generation Z are those born between 1996 to 2010. They are important to consider because they will grow into the largest consumer generation within the next several years. Not to mention, they are the most technologically fluent meaning you’ll need to adapt to the technological demands at the pace of this group. Capturing data from your donors, volunteers, event attendees, and program recipients will be more critical than ever before, to keep up with Gen Z.

2. Utilizing text donations in your nonprofit

Data shows, over 5 billion people own smartphones and 97% of Americans use it to text at least once a day. “Quick and easy” is on the rise and this can be a simple yet effective way to ask for donations. Using a text campaign to drive donations is a great way to garner support for your organization.

Follow these tips:

  1. Keep the donation process as simple as possible with just a few clicks.

  2. Always have a giving scale. For example, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, etc.) This encourages higher donations by seeing a higher figure.

  3. Always leave an extra slot that says ‘other amount’.

  4. Incorporate an option for monthly donations.

  5. Always thank the donor via email and follow up with how their donations are making an impact. This keeps them engaged and feeling good about their gift.

3. Personalized targeting in nonprofits

Learning who your donors are and what's important to them is crucial for being able to personalize your messaging and fundraising approaches. Utilizing customer relationship management tools (CRM's) will ultimately help you understand the giving habits of your donors and enhance your relationship with them. Personalization does wonders for building customer relationships for businesses. And for nonprofits and their donors, it's just as beneficial.

4. Artificial intelligence as an overall trend in nonprofits

The world is becoming more technologically advanced everyday. People are now able to ‘Ask Siri’ to make a donation to their favorite charity just by voice command. Expect your fundraising to improve when you adopt and welcome these advancements. The easiest way to start using A.I. is to implement a chatbot on your website. Using A.I. can help current and prospective donors communicate instantly via messaging. Leveraging artificial intelligence can help you personalize communication and build relationships more effectively.

5. More transparency in all business

Transparency matters. This means having integrity for your donors and being ethical in the financial decisions you make. Donors want to know what their money is being used for and what impact it's making. You can achieve this by sending email updates that include pictures, inviting your donors to events (even the virtual ones), live-streaming your programs, sharing your work on social media, creating an annual report and sharing your impact stories of those you're serving.

Need help with your nonprofit marketing strategy? Send us an email at info@vizardpr.com, we're happy to assist you!

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