Creating the Best Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Providing your target audience with a seamless user journey involves creating a strong omni-channel marketing strategy. Omni-Channel marketing uses multiple marketing channels. Think online advertising, direct mail campaigns, social media marketing, etc.

Research from 2020 shows that marketers using three or more channels in a campaign earned a 287% higher purchase rate than those using a single-channel campaign. With an omni-channel strategy, businesses have a greater chance of gaining and retaining customers, boosting revenue, and building stronger customer relationships.

Launching a successful omni-channel marketing campaign means understanding your target audience and using the right channels to get your message out.

Understanding Your Target Audience

There isn't a "right way" to create a strong omni-channel strategy. Research audience spending patterns, their location, and what devices they use most. Use the following tactics to gather this information:

  • Social media listening

  • Reviews from customer feedback

  • Analytic tools

  • Surveys

  • Customer purchase history habits and patterns

Knowing the specifics of your target audience gives you the ability to formulate a bulletproof plan for better communication. With this information, you can offer relevant information and provide value they can't get anywhere else.

Selecting the Right Channels

Your strategy should make sense for the message you are sending. Focus your efforts on channels where your customers and prospects spend most of their time.

For example, a nonprofit organization could use Google Search and Display Ad campaigns to drive customers to their website donation page - then use an Email Marketing campaign to send information to those same individuals. If you have a decent following on a social media platform and know which platforms your customers engage with most, incorporate those channels into your omni-channel strategy.

Don't advertise or market on too many channels. Develop a specific strategy for each channel that meets the needs of the specific audience you’re targeting. Put those efforts in the channels that matter most to the success of your campaign.

Properly Measure Your Results

Track the performance of your marketing strategy across the board. Communicate and monitor your findings with your team then add, subtract or tweak things to get better results. Use metrics like:

  • Customer retention

  • Conversion rate

  • Social media engagement

  • Email open rates

Creating the perfect mix of omni-channel marketing can expand your customer reach, improve your brand awareness and, ultimately, increase revenue. If you need assistance creating a strong omni-channel marketing strategy, contact us today. Our team is ready, willing, and more than able to help you reach your specific marketing goals.

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