Billboard Advertising is on the Rise!

Updated: May 27

Billboard advertising is on the rise and has become the second fastest-growing ad medium within the last decade. As the summer continues to approach and we head towards a post-pandemic life, more consumers are back on the road traveling, commuting, and engaging with outdoor advertisements.

Advertising research shows that consumers’ notice of billboard advertising has grown nearly 50% compared to pre-pandemic rates of notice. This is simply because they are unavoidable. Billboard ads also work really well and extend the value of the campaign when integrated with omni-channel marketing strategies. Due to these benefits, they are one of the biggest driving forces to help raise brand awareness, increase online engagement, and influence purchasing decisions.

They’re Unavoidable

You can’t go wrong with advertising through billboards because commuters and pedestrians aren’t going to be able to avoid seeing your ad as they go about their day. Billboards are seen by tens of thousands of people every day which increases your brand awareness and recognition. Since they are visible 24/7 you get the benefits of repeat exposure which is what makes billboard advertising so effective. On average, a commuter can potentially see your billboard ad at least twice a day, five days a week.

Because billboards can be found everywhere, they can reach a wide range of audiences. This allows your brand to target very niche markets while at the same time reaching new markets you otherwise may not have engaged with.

You’ve Got Options

Most people think of billboards that are located in high traffic areas, like freeways, highways, and busy surface streets. However, there are so many options when it comes to outdoor advertisements or billboards that make it easy for brands to reach people who use public transportation or live in metropolitan cities, rural communities, urban neighborhoods, and more. They include:

  • Transit Ads – Buses, Rail Lines like the MetroExpress, Bus Shelters, Benches and Train & Bus Stations

  • Wallscapes – Usually featured on the side of a large building in a major city

  • Airports – Great for reaching national and international market s

  • Digital Jr Posters – Smaller panels found in urban and rural communities and on smaller streets

  • Bulletins – These are your major highway and expressway ads

  • Posters – These are mid-size panels found on busy city streets where people live, work and play

  • Digital – Usually found on major highways or busy city streets and gives you the ability to rotate your message as often as you want

The Messaging

The more engaging, direct and even amusing your ads are, the more likely they will be noticed and remembered. Using catchy, witty, and memorable images or slogans will leave a lasting impression and making it more likely for a person to take action and engage with your brand.

Another effective way for your billboard ads to drive engagement is to include a clear call to action, such as visiting a website, download an app, buying a product or service, etc. The reason calls to action are so effective is because they appeal to our human nature of learning by doing. If your ad compels a person to take action they are more likely to learn about your brand and engage with your products and services.

There is also a growing trend towards the use of digital or interactive billboards because they can create higher impacts. This new advertising trend is great for brands who want to reach niche markets with personal, engaging messages based on behavior analytics such as spending habits, interests, and consumer preferences.

Integrate Outdoor Advertising with Omni-Channel Strategy

As shared earlier, billboards are a great driver for online engagement, especially when integrated with an omni-channel campaign strategy. Integrating your ads increases the value and effectiveness of your campaign in a complementary way. For those not familiar with the term, omni-channel marketing is a seamless integration of your branding and messaging both online (website, social media, digital ads etc) and offline (physical store, billboards, print, etc)

With an omni-channel campaign, you’re able to reach your target audiences online and offline in a unified approach. Research shows that customers who engage with campaigns using three or more channels spent 13% more with a brand than those who did not.

By utilizing more than one channel to advertise, you increase your chances of influencing the actions of potential customers and improve overall customer experience.

It’s important your branding and messaging are consistent on every channel to gain the highest return on investment from your campaign.

Billboard Advertising Works

Billboards are one of the most effective ways to increase your brand awareness. You can reach the masses and influence them to engage with your brand in creative and memorable ways. Ready to grow your brand? Contact us today for help with your next advertising campaign and media buy.

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