5 Tips to Increase Engagement with Your Stakeholders in 2021

Within a nonprofit organization, stakeholders refer to an individual or group who are affected by what your organization does and can help determine what actions to take. It is crucial to understand the interest of your stakeholders to ensure your organization is effective, accountable and ethical.

Many individuals or groups are identified as stakeholders if they are involved in your organization. Typical nonprofit stakeholders include employees, volunteers, members, donors and your local community. Identifying your stakeholders is just as important as keeping them engaged.

Follow these 5 tips to keep your stakeholders engaged in your organization.

1. Communicate with Stakeholders

The best way to engage stakeholders is to ask they want to know about your

organization and their preferred way of communication. Your stakeholders are an essential part of your organization, so find out what's important to them and make them involved in your organization’s plans. When you communicate with your stakeholders, they feel important, which increases trust and engagement. Stakeholders can add value to your organization through different perspectives.

2. Embrace Social Media

In 2021, nonprofit organizations should participate in a variety of social media platforms to not only communicate with stakeholders, but to share and publish information about the organization. Social media usage continues to increase as technology evolves. Many stakeholders are relying on social media to obtain information about organizations. Make sure to diversify your social media channels and posts to tailor to the different interests of stakeholders.

3. Host Events to Extend Reach

Special events are a great way to boost stakeholder engagement. Events bring in donations, strengthen relationships within the community, and help promote the mission of your nonprofit organization. Hosting a variety of events annually will appeal to a diverse group of stakeholders and gives your organization an opportunity to showcase the amazing work you're doing.

4. Help Wanted

Be sure to include stakeholders in the mission and vision of your organization. Send out requests for volunteers, urgent financial donations, or request for stakeholders to spread word about awareness. If your stakeholders feel excluded in your organization, they will lose interest and stop engaging. Giving stakeholders the opportunity to collaborate with your organization will increase engagement, boost relationships and drive donations.

5. Collect Feedback

Incorporate a feedback process for your stakeholders to take part in. This can include sending out surveys, conducting a focus group, having one-on-one conversations, or even collecting feedback through social media. Gathering feedback will give you valuable insight about your programs and services, will strengthen stakeholder relationships, increase engagement and further develop your organization.

We hope you found these 5 tips useful for your nonprofit organization. If you need assistance with your stakeholder engagement efforts send us an email at info@vizardpr.com.

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