5 SEO Trends to Improve Your Search Rankings in 2022

Updated: Feb 15

SEO is a powerful marketing strategy that requires a consistent effort from your business to improve your search rankings so you can be found online and attract new customers.

Marketing trends for 2022 show that a strong SEO strategy is going to be crucial for businesses to grow and evolve. Did you know 95% of users only look at the first page of search engine results? And a whopping 67% of all page clicks come from the top 5 search results, which means you need to be able to rank as high on the first page as possible for potential customers to find you online.

By using targeted keywords on your website that focus on answering the questions of your target audience, you’ll be able to drive in more traffic to your website, and with a good call to action in place, can convert that traffic into profits.

Consider implementing these 5 trends into your SEO strategy for 2022:

  • Be mindful of the company your website keeps! Establish relevant backlinks with reputable and authoritative sites for your business, products, and services. These can include editorial backlinks, listing directories, social media sites, guest blogs, webinar links, and more.

  • Focus your keywording on conversational language (consider what phrases your target audience would type into their search bar), add engaging content like images, video, and audio instead of stuffing keywords on your site because the SEO algorithm is based on user experience.

  • Update and refresh old site content you have covered in the past. Repurpose that old content and create a new relevant spin on the information to provide value to your audience.

  • Make sure your online listings are always up to date across all directories. You will lose customers and prospect customers if you have inaccurate information about your business online.

  • Optimize your website for both desktop and mobile. Many users coming to your website will be visiting from mobile devices so be sure your phone numbers, addresses, and other important info are clickable for easy use on the go.

Implementing these 5 SEO trends and practicing them consistently will improve your search rankings so you can start being found online.

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