4 Tips To Make Your Medicare Marketing Stand Out

With the Annual Enrollment Period (10/15/21 -12/7/21) just a few months away, now is a great time start thinking about ways your marketing campaign and strategies will effectively draw in new members.

Every day for the next 15 years, over 10,000 people will turn 65 and become eligible to enroll in Medicare health plans. While age-in prospects make up a large group of individuals to market to, many Medicare marketers find it more difficult than ever to effectively reach seniors in today's digital era.

Follow these 4 Tips to make your Medicare marketing stand out:

1. Undergo Comprehensive Research to Find Out What Seniors Want

Comprehensive research and analysis will help your organization identify plan products that stand out and attract prospective members. A large percentage of age-ins commonly look for competitive pricing, plan features, and rich benefits. Developing targeted campaigns with a deep understanding of the various facets of Medicare plans will help your messaging resonate with your senior audience. Identify their main points and determine how you can be the solution they are looking for.

For instance, did you know more seniors today than previous generations are facing obesity, Alzheimer's disease, challenges from living alone, require nursing home care, and are divorced? Having a deep understanding of your target audience is a key part of any successful marketing campaign.

2. Your Marketing Materials Should be Straight to the Point & Engaging

Once you've done your comprehensive research, your organization will be better equipped with everything you need to create relevant and targeted marketing content. If your research shows that provider network size and benefits are a high priority for seniors in your region, make sure to address these items first.

Ensure your marketing materials are easy to read and senior friendly by using larger fonts, high contrast backgrounds, avoid using italicized fonts and most importantly make sure your call to action is clear. Seniors will be more likely to engage with material that is easily digestible and straightforward.

Medicare marketing can get confusing for seniors with all the medical terms, legal disclaimers, and fine print-- so create content that is straight to the point and rises above the clutter.

3. Avoid One Size-Fits All Strategies

It is important to remember that a senior just turning 65 has different needs and interests than a senior who is in their 80's. These age groups often have quite different lifestyles and therefore different messaging, images, and delivery methods should be considered.

A big misconception people have is that older adults aren't tech-savvy, which is why comprehensive research is so critical. Do not fall into this stereotype!! While some older adults aren't tech-savvy, most young baby boomers have a great understanding of technology, and other senior groups are also digitally literate.

Your marketing campaigns needs to incorporate a blend of both digital and traditional marketing strategies that conform to the various needs and interests of seniors 65+.

4. Be Loud in All the Right Places

TV ads and direct mail are solid ways to convince seniors to look for different plans. Older adults tend to be more responsive to direct mail, but avoid the mistake of dismissing digital marketing. Your target audience may be seniors, but research shows that over 70% of older adults are online. Online marketing should be a supplement to traditional marketing methods. Using direct mail, broadcast, online marketing, emails, and social media are all great marketing tools to reach older audiences.

Consider the following when planning for marketing campaigns: What’s your budget? How will you reach your target audience? What exactly will you be saying? Get ahead of your competitors and start planning your campaigns now, so you’ll be ready before AEP begins

We hope you find these 4 tips useful as you gear up for AEP!

Need help with your AEP strategy, creating compliant marketing material, or what advertising channels to use? Send us an email today at info@vizardpr.com to see how we can help your Medicare marketing stand out.

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