3 Ways to Capture Quality Healthcare Leads

Looking for new ways to connect with potential members, patients, or clients?

Generating healthcare leads is an essential and critical task needed to keep your organization growing and thriving. A business cannot be sustained on word-of-mouth referrals alone, and driving quality leads is not always a simple task to accomplish.

Your lead strategies need to create awareness of your business and stand out from your competitors to be effective, so when a potential patient, member, or client is ready to make a decision, they choose your business.

Check out these 3 effective strategies that will help you generate quality healthcare leads.

Create Attention-Grabbing Facebook Ads

Use targeted Facebook ads to attract quality healthcare leads. And in case you’re wondering, the senior population is on Facebook and has been for quite some time. Facebook ads are very effective in capturing T-65 and Medicare leads. In fact, according to Pew, 62% of internet users ages 65 and older use Facebook, and 72% of users ages 50 to 64 years old use the platform.

Facebook collects an enormous amount of data about its users which is great for advertisers and businesses looking to reach their target audience. You can use Facebook’s data to specifically target potential leads by their demographics, age, income, gender, social interests, likes, city, state, ZIP, education level, profession, relationship status, etc. Creating targeted ads will save you time, and money and better yet, it will increase your ROI.

When creating your ad, get right to the point and say exactly what it is you want users to do when they see your ad, like “visit our website”, “schedule an appointment today”, “complete the form”, or share valuable information that would influence the user to click to “learn more”.

Lastly, if you’re using a landing page make sure it’s conversion-friendly using one clear call to action. If you’re wanting a user to schedule an appointment, make sure that information is at the top of the page where it can be clearly seen.

Be Findable: Use SEO to Capture Leads

When someone is online searching for a new doctor, looking up Medicare insurance, or healthcare education resources, your organization needs to be findable. 93% of online searches begin with a search engine. If your website isn’t showing up on the first page of their search results when they are looking for answers, chances are they’re not going to click to the second page to find you.

Your healthcare organization needs to invest in an active SEO strategy. SEO is more than just using the right keywords, it's an ongoing process that entails using targeted URLs, high-quality link building, relevant content, and an optimized website. With our effective SEO services, it takes about 3 months for a website to begin ranking and 6-9 months to appear on the first page of search engines like Google. When your website shows up on the first page of search results, it's like gold for your business. The number of leads you attract will not only increase, but they will also be high quality and much easier to convert because they were online searching for the exact services you offer.

Let Online Reviews Do The Advertising For You

Positive online reviews are another great and effective way to generate leads organically for your organization. Consumers are constantly browsing the web for their healthcare needs. And just like any other business or product they research; they’re checking the online reviews of your business to inform their decision about who can best serve their needs.

Nearly 90% of consumers say they'll only consider using a business if they have an average rating of 3-5 stars. That’s a huge percentage, plus positive reviews will help your SEO strategy! Making it vital for your organization to have an online review strategy in place.

Capturing positive reviews from your satisfied patients, members, or clients can be pretty easy when asking them. Establish an automated email or SMS message strategy to simplify the ask and send it out after they visit your office etc. You can even have signage up at your reception desk with a scannable QR code asking for reviews. Offering a discount or free service if they leave a review is another helpful strategy to drive results. Ultimately, having an online review strategy in place will strengthen your relationship with your existing customers while also working to generate more leads for your healthcare organization.

In Conclusion

Being found online in relevant and valuable ways will increase your web traffic, drive high converting leads, and build trust with search engines, and more importantly the general public. Generating quality leads takes effort, strategy, and investment, but the ROI is well worth it.

If your organization doesn’t have the bandwidth or the tools to effectively generate leads, contact us today. Our team would love to work with your organization to develop and implement a results-driven lead generation strategy.

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