3 Steps to Create Effective Communications During the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period & COVID-19

If you want your business to succeed during the Medicare annual enrollment period, you need the best communication strategies. With an oversaturated market, your communication content needs to rise above the competition and speak to your target audience. These 3 simple steps will make all the difference for your business:

1) Identify & Address Enrollment Logistical Challenges Now

As you plan and implement your annual enrollment communications, understand that the old strategies that worked in the past may need to be revised/updated. Be sure to thoroughly assess the delivery and development process of each campaign amidst COVID-19 including call campaigns, member enrollment & retention activities, provider and broker relations, community events, team resources, and even vendor turnaround times. Many processes have shifted as a result of the pandemic, so it's critical you're streamlining your marketing efforts, leveraging resources, and monitoring your results.

2) Adapt Your Messaging to Reflect Current Events

Update your content and messaging to address the needs and challenges that Medicare recipients are facing because of Covid-19 and other current events. Be sure to segment your messaging so that your providing solutions that reach both younger and older seniors, Medicare and Medi-Cal beneficiaries and deliver it to them in the appropriate language. By incorporating current events and targeted solutions into your messaging, you will help seniors make the best decisions for their personal healthcare needs.

3) Highlight the Benefits Your Members Need Now

Your organization may offer a multitude of valuable benefits, products, and/or services for Medicare members and patients. Now is a great time to highlight the programs you offer on the homepage of your website, on your social media pages, in your email marketing, print mailers, and other advertising channels.

Medicare beneficiaries are inundated with ads, mailers, and more during AEP, so by having clear, concise, consistent messaging that highlights your unique offerings you can immediately differentiate your organization from your competitors and let seniors know why they should choose you.

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